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Recife, Brazil

Mon - Fri: 8.00 - 18.00

Pedro "Petrucio" Augusto

brazilian portuguese translator and editor
  • Industry: Investments, Economics, and Finance
  • Education: Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering; Certified English language course (2003-2011); Scholarship – Exchange-year program in the University of Exeter, UK 
  • Personal Investment Strategy: Buy n’ Hold and Value Investing
  • Hobbies: Going to the gym; Leaning new languages; Walking on the beach
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Name behind Petrucio Translation, native from Brazil, experienced English to Brazilian Portuguese translator, mechanical engineering undergraduate, investment and economics specialist, occasional web designer, passionate about the English language, and studying it since the age of 7.

Even though I come from a bachelor’s engineering background, I’ve experienced the English language all my life through certified courses and translation work. In 2015, due to my proficiency, I was selected and awarded a scholarship for an exchange-year program where I had the opportunity to live, study, and work at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom.


My main goal is to help your business reach the next level by delivering a perfect and professional Portuguese localization of your project, ensuring it will reach an international audience, especially from Brazil.

Petrucio Translation is my brand name and also my way of working, preaching total professionalism, and always treating my clients with the integrity and respect they deserve.

Soft Skills

I take pride in my work, my years of study, and my work experience, as through them, I have been able to develop many useful traits and abilities that without a doubt contribute to any job opportunity. Notable skills include: a detail-oriented work ethic, professionalism, problem-solving ability, an independent nature, and responsiveness. I am always willing to go above expectations to achieve the best outcome possible as well as address any urgent task that might come up.

Hard Skills
MS Office/Google Docs
Financial Translation

The difference between my translation and editing work from the others is the fact that I practice what I preach. By having a diversified investment portfolio, I have what the market describes as ‘skin in the game’, and by doing so, I have a complete understanding of the effects of the market sentiment/cycles on one’s assets.

To be in charge of the daily translation and localization of fundamental and technical analyses, articles, tutorials, web pages, and marketing material for one of the largest Forex brokers in Asia, combined with my devoted experience as a Brazilian equity investor, granted me deep expertise translating in the fields of Economics, Investments, and Finance, especially within the Stock, Forex, and Cryptocurrency markets.

Below is a bullet list of some of the content and terminology I deal with on a daily basis, whether translating, proofreading, or studying:

• Equities
• Forex / Cryptocurrency
• CFDs / ETFs
• Investment Strategy and Guide
• Market/Economic Insights & Sentiment
• Technical and Fundamental Analyses
• Trading Indicators and Monetary Strategies (PMI, GDP, Interest Rates, New Home Sales, Initial Jobless Claims, etc.)
• Earnings Releases
• Brazilian Stock & Real Estate Market (Ibovespa/FIIs/IFIX)

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