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Questions you might have

Below are a few of the questions I often get asked from my clients. In case you are still in doubt about anything at all, do not hesitate to reach out to me through my email, freelance profile, chat, or Upwork.

Besides regular Word and Google Docs files, do you translate from other text-editable documents?

Yes, I do! I can handle translations of PowerPoint decks, PDF, Excel, Notepad, HTML, and others. But please bear in mind that some formats demand much more work than others, so the price-per-word rate for those might be a bit higher.

If required, would you log into a third-party platform to deploy the translation work?

Sure, no problem at all! I've already translated an entire website directly from my client's WordPress website dashboard (back-end). I've also done the same with Crowdin and SmartCat platforms, so I would gladly work through any other you might request.

What about the payment, is it before or after the work is done? And what methods do you accept?

For security reasons, I can't start working before the payment is done. But, for longer and larger projects, I strongly suggest and also prefer to work in a milestone manner, which is dividing the entire project into smaller segments – so as the payments.

The methods I currently accept are Payoneer, PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Upwork's Direct Contracts, which I strongly recommend you take a quick look at.

How do you estimate the total cost for a project?

All my estimates are done through a price-per-word rate (fixed price). For example, if a $0.06/word rate is charged for the translation of an article composed of 1522 words, the total cost for this project will be $92.32

These exceptions are projects that comprise different tasks other than Translation/Editing, which can be intense formatting, data-gathering, frequent communication, platform delays (for projects performed on third-party platforms), and any other that contributes to increasing the total workload that is not from Translating/Editing.

In those cases, an hourly-rate method will be set and the total number of hours logged will be done through Upwork's Time Tracker

Do you provide revisions or, in the worst case, refunds?

Absolutely! You are entitled to as many revisions as you wish until the final deliverable is just as you expected. If by any chance I deliver anything other than what you requested, a partial or entire refund shall be made from my end.

Do you accept only proofreading/editing work as well?

Yes, I do! Sometimes you already have the content translated and just want a different pair of eyes to make sure everything is properly translated and error-free. Usually, the rate for proofreading-only work is half of the translation rate.

What is the typical turnaround time for regular translation projects?

For translations up to 3000 words, I can guarantee a 24h–48h turnaround. For larger tasks, I'll need to gather more info from you first before setting the start and end dates.

The turnaround will naturally depend on my availability at the moment you contact me, but I'll always provide you with the date I will be starting and delivering your project.

In case I need you to handle a regular flow of translations over the following weeks, is there a way to "lock" your availability with me?

Yes, I can provide that. I know your pain... sometimes the scope of what has to be done is not clear but you need someone promptly available for when the tasks come up.

We can definitely sit down and discuss this so I can find a way to put all your work as a top priority. This way, we would be working on an ad-hoc basis, and whenever anything comes up, I'll address it.

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